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My online studio is open!

Access all my live classes, my entire archives, special content, and deep discounts – all included in a monthly subscription. I am excited to share this with you and am kicking everything off with a special 30-day yoga challenge (with prizes!)

All of my yoga classes and workshops, long or short, are grounded in anatomy, breath and practical exploration. It is one thing to discuss a technique, another thing to experience it. All students are always encouraged to move at their own pace and adaptations for taking a practice gentler or deeper are always given. To know yourself seems to me the highest honor available, and the greatest challenge out there… my classes aim to help you establish a road map for exploration, so that this practice continues well beyond your mat.

Need a mat to get started? Or a new book to inspire your practice?

I’ve listed my favorite student resources below. I hope you love them as much as I do!


  • My Self-Paced Courses – An ever growing inventory of yoga courses desiged to help you deepen your knowledge.


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Marisa is an excellent yoga teacher who takes time to get to know and help each student. She inspired me to become a yoga teacher through her knowledge of anatomy and her incredible talent for crafting classes suited to each individual student in attendance. I am lucky to have been able to learn from her!
Adeline Albert

Yoga Teacher, RYT-500, Olympia, WA

I have learned so much from Marisa, not only about yoga, but about myself  and my own body. She has definitely given me great tools to work on my own body.
Lisa Hertz

Retired, Magdalena, NM

Marisa always emphasizes the need to listen to our own bodies. In her classes it is never about the end posture it’s more about listening to our own bodies and gently breathing into positions and not pushing, which egos are only too happy to do. Her classes are always welcoming and relaxing and most importantly restorative. Her soft-spoken voice with clear explanations of poses and the muscles we are engaging, and her gentle demeanor make for a truly delightful yoga experience.
Maureen Wilks

Digital Fine Artist, Socorro, NM