Relaxed YOU

A Seven-Day Yoga Nidra Course


Let go of the tension, find yourself.

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Everyday stresses step aside! 

The practice of Yoga Nidra goes beyond Savasana. It is a systematic guided relaxation to help you let go – physically, mentally, emotionally, and deep in your soul. Release your conscious worries and step into your unconscious mind to relax deep, deep inside.

These seven classes (plus a bonus!) vary in length from 15 minutes to one hour. Some include gentle asana/movement to help you transition from your day to your mat.

Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation helps to:

  • decrease anxiety
  • improve immunity
  • regulate hormone
  • function
  • improve mood
  • improve sleep
  • calm your nervous system
  • reduce stress.

Especially nice as a pre-sleep practice, this course is suitable for all. 

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