The Joint-Freeing Series

Yoga to Release Stagnation and Improve Ease of Movement



A Self-Paced Yoga Course

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The Puvana Muktasana Series of yoga is a delicious, systematic release of all the joints of your body. This conscious release helps to lubricate your joints, improve your range of motion, and stengthen the muscles that support space in those joints. So they can move with more ease and you can feel more comfortable in your body.


These movements also release and move stagnate circulation throughout your body. As blood, lymph, and energy begin to move more freely, you can find greater relaxation and clearer thought.


This course includes 3 sections to learn at your own pace – Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core of the Cody. Detailed pictures and discriptions in the workbook are supported with full length video practices, including a live-class recorded version of one of the practices. 

"That was amazing!" - Jill, NM

This class is for you if:


  •  your joints feel stiff;

  •  your would like to increase your mobility and circulation;

  • you have difficulty relaxing;

  • you would like to improve your physical performance; or

  • you want to expend your asana repetoire.

"I love this class!" - Kirsten, NM

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