Thai Yoga Massage for Clarity Certificate Training NM


Certificate Training –

Thai Yoga Massage for Clarity works with the deep vision-governing lines Sens Sahatsarngsi and Thawari, using movement, stretching, intention and direct pressure. The divine relaxation we create by working along these lines leads to greater mental clarity, ease of movement and deep-seated contentment. To further enhance the work along these lines, this course introduces the basics of Thai Herbal Theory and the use of Thai Herbal Compresses and essential oils, creating a sensory experience that benefits both the practitioner and the client. Practitioners will integrate the use of these herbs into an 1.5 hour sequence of Thai Yoga Massage sequence. 35 NCBTMB CEUs*, 18.5 YA CEUs**, and a certificate in Thai Yoga Massage.

*Massage Therapists – Give your hands a break as you learn use more of your body more effectively and let Thai Herbal Compresses help you do the work, whether in a Thai session or another fabulous modality you already offer. In this course, you will full sequence that you will be able to build on and specialize to build your clientele, add-ons, and merchandising in new directions. Best of all, the movement and muscle memory built through regular sessions will have both you and your clients stronger, more flexible, and more comfortable in your own bodies.

**Yoga Teachers – This course will help you bring better body mechanics to your classes and your mat, expand your private session offerings, enhance your understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, deepen your meditation practice, and fill your toolbox with fabulous hands-on assists, partner poses, sequencing inspiration, and sweet extras your students will love. 7 hours TTP, 5 hours TM, 5.5 hours A&P, 1 hour YPLE.

Physical Therapists, Nurses, Caregivers, and movement lovers of all sorts are more than welcome in this class, as well.

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Where: Socorro, NM

September 24-28
Sunday evening 5-9, then 9am-noon and 2-6pm each day.

What to bring:
- Yourself in stretching comfy layered clothing.
- Snacks and water bottle
- Your copy of Thai Yoga Massage for Clarity
- Mats and props are provided but if you already have a Thai Mat or particular props you like to work with feel free to bring them.