BREATHE! 21 Day Introduction to Pranayama


This 21-day guided practice will introduce you to the basics of yoga breathing, otherwise known as pranayama. Through practice, inquiry, and experimentation, you will become comfortable with your pranayama practice and know which breath will serve you best in each moment. Breath deep and enjoy!

The power for change is within you – to get comfortable with sweeping life alterations, to get comfortable with your awesome self.

Your breath gives you life. But it can also give you quality of life. It holds the power to calm, the power to heal, the power to revitalize you. 

This practice of using the breath to create change has been a part of yoga’s deeper practices since the beginning. Helping guide yogis into deeper postures and deeper states of awareness.

And, while these practices are transformational, they are not difficult. This course will lead you into your own breathwork practice through simple daily practices that will cultivate the depth of your breath and increase your awareness. 

Suitable for all levels and abilities.

Included in this course:

Intro to Pranayama

3 Weeks of Practices:

  • Calendar of daily practices
  • Clear, simple instructions
  • Audio tutorials
  • Space to reflect on your practice



  • Tips to sit more comfortably for practice
  • Inspirational facts about how breathing works
  • Guided audio pranayama practice
  • Yoga asana video to prepare your body


  • Access to Marisa for questions or to share your discoveries along your journey.