The Art of Relaxation Half-Day Retreat


The Art of Relaxation Mini-Retreat Retreat | February 25 | Socorro, NM

Feb 25, 2-4PM at Rising Stars Dance Studio. Explore the myriad of tools yoga offers us to de-stress, let go, integrate experiences, and relax on every level – body, mind, and soul. This retreat incorporates yoga flows, breathwork, meditation, yoga nidra, and pratyahara. All designed to calm the nervous system and deepen your inner awareness. Join me for this luscious experience and let go into bliss.

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Ready for a Socorro Yoga Retreat? I've got a great afternoon mini-retreat planned for you...

As the season changes, it is a natural time to check in with yourself and renew your commitment to self-care and a life well lived.

Come, let go of extraneous stresses, remember the feeling of utter relaxation.

This retreat is an afternoon of thoughtful practice, deep relaxation, and internal exploration to recharge your batteries with some quality "me-time!" Bring your weary self, nurture your best self, and leave with a renewed sense of joy and purpose.

How do we make that shift in perspective? With flowing breath, flowing asana, yin yoga and yoga nidra. We will couple that with mindful meditation and intentional practice.

Appropriate for all levels and abilities. Tea and snacks provided. Continue your relaxation at home with a specially curated gift bag.