Private Classes

Online Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage classes, just you and me and your practice...
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Private classes allow you to explore yoga practice at your own pace with the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher.


Why sign up for privates?

  • To learn modifications to accommodate an injury;
  • To learn variations on a pose to better serve your own body (or your clients’),
  • To explore poses and practices that aren’t usually covered in group classes;
  • To develop a personalized home practice;
  • To advance in your studies at your own pace;
  • To get comfortable with yoga before taking a group class,
  • To learn Thai poses specific to your clientele.

If you would like to breathe deeper, get comfortable in a pose, try that crazy pretzel pose sensibly, or just more personal attention to your progress, consider a private class. I’m taking bookings now to see students in an online, interactive format. All classes are recorded, including the home class we develop for you, so you can revisit your session anytime you like.

$50/60 minute class + full audio/video recording
$30/30 minute class + full audio/video recording

All classes conducted via zoom. 


I have been doing yoga for 10 years now in the US and EU. Marisa was my first yoga teacher and remains my favorite.
Currently, I am doing private zoom classes with Marisa once a week and having the time of my life. Marisa has an incredible talent to design a class that is well rounded. No matter what your aches are, after the class, you will feel much better. Plus, she knows tons about how our bodies move and how to make them work better.
Most of all, Marisa can adjust to each individual and wrap her head around your problem as the best detective in the world. And she never gives up. She is encouraging, motivating and enthusiastic without putting too much pressure on you – that is a big one for me as I do that enough by myself. All in all, if you have an opportunity to have private lessons with Marisa, you should not pass on it!
P.S. If you think that it is not possible for Marisa to see where you are slacking off because you are on Zoom, think again 🙂 She has an eagle eye and can always tell when I am not using some muscles.
Zeljka Fuchs, PhD

Professor of Physics; Director, Climate & Water Consortium, New Mexico Tech