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Imagine taking a yoga class every day. How incredible would you feel?

My online yoga studio gives you the opportunity to do just that with on-demand videos that allow you to practice when it’s best for your schedule, your body rhythms. No waiting for class start time.

With a growing library of over one hundred classes in the queue (I’ll be dropping one class per day over the next few months), there is literally a class for every mood, every ache and pain, every curiousity.

Classes come in two types:
– Live Recorded means that the class was recorded during a live online class and has all the feel of practicing in community.
– Pre-recorded means that the class was filmed in a beautiful location, usually with superior sound, meant to inspire your practice through nature.

The studio boasts 3 libraries of classes to suit your needs:
– Gentle Yoga for days when you really need to relax;
– Slow Flow Yoga for days when you need to move your body and find the rhythm of your breath;
– Intermediate Yoga for when you want to explore the deeper aspects of yoga.

While you can rent individual videos, membership comes at 2 levels, both of which include a live online monthly Q & A chat with Marisa:
Yoga on Your Time gives you full access to the entire collection of on-demand videos;
Deepen Your Yoga gives you full access plus a host of other perks to help you really connect with your practice, including a monthly private session.

Check out all the details below…

Yoga On Your Time


Whatever your schedule, your mat is always ready for you. And so are these previously recorded classes, adaptable for all levels.


  • Full Access to the On-Demand Video Library. *Including 4 new videos each month: 2 live recorded and 2 pre-recorded classes;
  • Monthly Community Chat with Marisa and fellow yogis - a great place to ask questions, try a new challenge, and cheer each other on;
  • $25/month (that's less than $1/class for your daily sadhana!)

Deepen Your Yoga


A monthly package to help you transform your yoga practice beyond your wildest dreams. 


  • Includes everything you get from the Yoga on Your Time Membership;


  • One Monthly Private Session via Zoom to help you hone your practice;
  • Free access each month to our LIVE monthly Intermediate Yoga class
  • Monthly Day Practice Journal/Daily Sadhana Planner PDF to track your practice and make it great. (Limited time PDF. Starting in October, this will be delivered direct to your door.) 
  • $95/month

What does the studio look like? Check it out here

Within the studio, you can click to rent a single video for 30 days.
Or, subscribe through the links above for full access and all you’ll need to do is logon to take class. Simple, simple.

Prefer to pay off-line? Totally possible! Contact me for details.

Feeling financial stress? I have a limited number of one cent scholarships available. Contact me for details.

See my full terms and conditions here. And, as always, send your questions and requests my way! You can find me at