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Courses to help you deepen your knowledge of Thai Massage, of yoga, of you... in your own time.
I hope the carefully cultivated resources below will help to inspire your time on your mat – whether it be your yoga mat or your Thai Yoga Massage mat. Set aside a little time to dive into them, just as you would for your regular yoga classes. A little always goes a long way. Each one will bring you along gently into a dedicated personal practice all about you.



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Marisa Wolfe

30 Days of Yoga Practice Journal

A reflective journal to accompany you onto your mat each day. Find what helps you grow, what inspires you, what you love and make it a habit with this intentional practice accompaniment.

Daily questions culminate into weekly and end-of-the month wrap-ups that help you create concrete plans for furthering your practice.

Undated pen-and-paper journal (how old-school! 🙂

30 in stock

Marisa Wolfe

Breathe! An Introduction to Pranayama

The power for change is within you – to get comfortable with sweeping life alterations, to get comfortable with your awesome self.

Your breath gives you life. But it can also give you quality of life. It holds the power to calm, the power to heal, the power to revitalize you.

Available as PDF downloads with active links.

Intro to Pranayama

Breath & Mind: Meditation Made Easy

If meditation is something you always thought you couldn’t do, if meditation is something that you’ve always meant to do, if meditation is something you would like to know more about – this class is for you.

28 days of practice; 28 days to deepen your awareness and enrich your life forever.

Available as private webpage with audio and video practices.

Intro to Pranayama

Pranayama & Meditation: Exploring the Deeper Aspects of Yoga

You’ve started on the journey to deepening your yoga practice, transforming your energy with pranayama, and you can feel the possibilities this holds on your mat and off. 

Now, broaden your exploration with this course of 7+ classes. Each class features at least one pranayama technique and one meditation technique  after preparing your body and mind with asana. Each class ends with savasana to help you integrate.

Available as pdf download with live links.

Intro to Pranayama

Seven Days to a More Relaxed You: Yoga Nidra Course

Everyday stresses step aside! 

The practice of Yoga Nidra goes beyond Savasana. It is a systematic guided relaxation to help you let go – physically, mentally, emotionally, and deep in your soul. Release your conscious worries and step into your unconscious mind to relax deep, deep inside.

Available as pdf download with live links.

Intro to Pranayama

LovingKindness Mini-Retreats

Two beautiful practices to connect with your heart. Gift yourself the time to reset, recharge, renew with these luscious 2.5 hour lovingkindness yoga practices meant to help you step out of the everyday and in a greater space within.

Lovingkindness/Metta/Maitri sets the stage for a deeper level of connection and caring. To your self, to your loved ones, to everyone you encounter on this journey of life. Explore these concepts on your mat through meditation and asana and arrive at that sweet spot within yourself where all is aligned within your soul.

Available as two video links.

Intro to Pranayama

Yoga for Healthy Joints

The Puvana Muktasana Series of yoga is a delicious, systematic release of all the joints of your body. This conscious release helps to lubricate your joints, improve your range of motion, and stengthen the muscles that support space in those joints. So they can move with more ease and you can feel more comfortable in your body.

Available as a pdf download.

Intro to Pranayama

Yoga for A Happy Belly

Exploring your physical anatomy, esoteric anatomy and finding balance within…

A masterclass for understanding the core of your body through yoga. Find strength, flexibility, love, and understanding of this vital area.

Available as a pdf download with active links.

Chaturanga Challenge

30 Day Chaturanga Challenge

No pressure, no worries, no huge time investment – think of this challenge as motivation to get on your mat and PLAY! And, in the midst of that play, you will develop new strength, new awarenesses, and a newfound ability to doa chaturanga that is safe and powerful!

This course consists of 30 short video practices. One-a-day will change everything.

Available as a private webpage with video links.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage Practice Sequences

These little e-books prepare you to give an incredible gift. The gift of ease and comfort. Each book gives you a ready-made 20 minute sequence to address a particular need – wrists, tension headaches, runner’s needs, massage therapist’s needs, and more. With background information, step-by-step tutorials (many with links to video tutorials). Available as PDF downloads with active links.

Thai Yoga Massage for Well-Being Training Manual

The training manual for my Thai Yoga Massage certification course stands on its own as an excellent introduction to Thai Yoga Massage. It features step-by-step instructions for 60+ postures, the practice of Metta, and learning great body mechanics. Available as a PDF download or book-in-hand hard copy.

Thai Yoga Massage for Balance Training Manual

Still accessible to first-time practitioners, this manual for my Intermediate I Level training features an introduction to Reusi Datton/Thai Yoga, an emphasis on self-care, and a focus on the Ida/Pingala Sen Lines. And, of course, you will find the clear step-by-step instructions, metta practices, and body mechanics you have come to expect from me. Available as a PDF download or a bound book.

Additional Resources

Yoga for Deep Relaxation Socorro NM

Private Classes

If you would like to breathe deeper, get comfortable in a pose, try that crazy pretzel pose sensibly, or just more personal attention to your progress, consider a private class.

I’m taking bookings now to see students in an online, interactive format. All classes are recorded, including the home class we develop for you, so you can revisit your session anytime you like.

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